Bowling Buddies Criteria

  1. Volunteers are expected to promote turn-taking, sportsmanship, and social interactions.
  2. Volunteers may be called upon to bowl when regular bowlers are absent, or positioned as a team captain and bowl regularly
  3. Students ages 12-14 are welcome to volunteer if they have at least one week experience volunteering at any of our camps.
  4. Siblings of bowlers ages 12 and older are invited to join us as volunteers.
  5. Students ages 15-18 may participate without prior experience or training.  We count on older students to be mature, respectful, willing to engage our special needs bowlers, and able to follow direction from staff.

Bowling Buddies- responsibilities

  1. Volunteers will encourage their team mates to participate and know when it is their turn to play.
  2. Volunteers will treat their teammates with kindness, respect, and concern for their safety.
  3. Volunteers will NOT encourage the use of inappropriate language or topics of conversation.
  4. Volunteers will be respectful of adult volunteers and staff and follow directions.
  5. Volunteers will come prepared and on time every week.
  6. Volunteers will not participate in bullying of any form including but not limited to; teasing, telling secrets or excluding individuals from the group.
  7. Volunteers will contact the bowling coordinator if they will be late so the group will not be delayed.
  8. Volunteers will contact the bowling coordinator if they must be absent, so another volunteer may take their place.


There is no cost for volunteers to participate; however, there is an expectation of time commitment, leadership ability, and empathy.