Purpose: to provide social interaction and community engagement opportunities to teens and young adults with autism.

Criteria: Individuals 13 to 30 with a primary diagnosis of autism are eligible to attend. Out-n-About is designed for individuals who do not meet the communication and behavior criteria for Teen Time or Social Club but still want and need to spend time with their peers enjoying recreational activities. Participants may be non-verbal and/ or exhibit stereotypic behaviors. Students who become physically aggressive when frustrated may not be good candidates for the Out-n-About program.

Supervision: FACT staff will be provided on a 1:1 or 1:2 basis as needed. We are aware that many individuals with autism do not fully understand signs of danger and may be prone to wander if not closely supervised.

Registration: Everyone must RSVP online a minimum of 48 hours prior to Out-n-About (please note that space is frequently limited and may be sold out prior to the 48-hour deadline.)

Please visit our Programs Calendar for upcoming events.