Teen Time (Ages 13-18)

Teen Time is a monthly group excursion designed to provide an accepting environment for young adults ages 13-18 with high-functioning autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. The types of outings are specifically chosen so that our students have increased opportunities to socialize with their peers. Staffing is limited to foster independence. Because of the limited supervision, teens should meet the following criteria:         

  1. Have the ability to participate in a conversation and recall a series of events, for example: “My mom took me to Ocean Breeze for my birthday. We went down Jungle Falls three times.”
  2. Verbalize their feelings, for example: “I feel frustrated when my brother won’t share.”
  3. Request specific assistance and know what to do in a crisis, for example:”Where is the bathroom?” or  “I am lost. Can you call my dad.” Participants should know their caregivers phone numbers or have them written down and on their person.
  4. Follow multi-step directions and ask for clarification if needed, for example: “When we get to the roller rink, please put your shoes in a bin and get in line to ask for your skates.”

If you have questions about your child’s eligibility, please call or email us.

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pic7Social Club (ages 19-30)

Inspired by the popular “Teen Night”, Social Club is designed to increase recreational opportunities for adults( ages 19-30) with high-functioning autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. The types of outings are specifically chosen so to give increased opportunities to socialize with their peers. Interactive activities such as going to arcades, karaoke, and laser quest always include peer volunteers. Staffing is limited to foster independence.  The criteria for participation outlined in the Teen Time description above apply to Social Club Participants.

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Out-N-About (13 & up with more communicative and behavioral needs)pic8

This program is designed for individuals ages 13 and older who do not meet the communication and behavior criteria for Teen Time or Social Club but still want and need to spend time with their peers enjoying recreational activities.  Participants do not need strong receptive or expressive language skills. Activities will be modified whenever possible. Communication supports will be available. Individuals who wander, run, or exhibit unusual behaviors will be supervised by FACT staff will on a 1:1 or 1:2 basis as needed.

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PIC9FACT Family Fun Days

FACT hosts five seasonal celebrations during the traditional school year called “Family Fun Days.” Fun Days are a great opportunity for parents to network while children with ASD and their siblings play in a safe and supportive environment. These events generally follow seasonal themes (Halloween, Valentines’ Day, Christmas, etc.) and always feature games, prizes, crafts, birthday celebrations, and more. Most activities are geared toward school-aged children, but all ages and ability levels are welcome. Concessions are also available for a nominal fee. Please contact us if you are interested in getting your child or young adult involved in a birthday celebration.

-No entry fees or registration required.

-Students with ASD must be accompanied by an adult for these events

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