Volunteer Criteria

  1. Students ages 15-18 may participate in either Teen Time programs without prior experience or training.  We count on older students to be mature and respectful, and demonstrate the willingness to engage our special needs students, as well as the ability to follow directions from staff.
  2. Adults ages 19 to 30 may participate in Social Club. We prefer that volunteers be same age peers.

Volunteer Expectations 

  1. To encourage individuals with ASD to participate in every activity to the best of their ability.
  2. To treat all participants with kindness, respect, and concern for their safety.
  3. To discourage the use of inappropriate language or topics of conversation.
  4. To be respectful of adult volunteers and staff and follow directions.
  5. To arrive on time and prepared every week.
  6. To RSVP on time and contact the event coordinator if I must be late or absent


There is no cost for volunteers to participate; however, there is an expectation of time commitment, leadership ability, and empathy.