Vintage Car Rally Association (VCRA) supports families with autism by Fully funding family socials

VCRA check photoVintage Car Rally Association (VCRA) supports families with autism by Fully funding family socials

FACT is able to continue invaluable monthly socials, thanks to the VCRA

Virginia Beach, VA– Today, Families of Autistic Children in Tidewater (FACT) announces that its Family Socials will continue because of the generosity of the Vintage Car Rally Association (VCRA). Since individuals with autism typically suffer social repercussions, these children tend to miss out on events that most people take for granted: birthday parties, school dances, and recreational excursions with peers. The VCRA has acknowledged that these opportunities are invaluable for children with autism, and has granted FACT the funds needed to reinstate Family Socials. These events allow parents to network, siblings to model desired behaviors, and children with autism to enjoy themselves in the company of their peers. In 2014, VCRA granted funding for a 15 passenger van, 12 iPads, and 10 full camp scholarships for military families and those in financial need.

Rex Gardner, the Founder and Director of the VCRA, writes, “We are pleased we can be of some help to organizations like yours that struggle to make life better for those children with autism. It is our hope that our help will allow you to improve the caliber of your [organization], and increase the number of children you can assist.” Gardner continues, “it is our hope that you might, in the future, explore the issue of ‘children with autism entering adulthood’ and how to address it,” another FACT endeavor currently in the works.

Although FACT’s Family Socials were initially launched as a “hail Mary” attempt to fill one child’s void, they have since fulfilled the lives of hundreds affected by autism. With the money that VCRA has provided FACT, families have the opportunities to participate in a wide range of social, recreational, and athletic programs. In addition, FACT is now able to rent a convenient, clean, and safe recreational facility in order to host these events, which is a huge structural improvement from the previous venue.

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