volunteermoreMature, responsible, dependable students who are 13 (by July 1 of the current year) to 17 years old are eligible to apply for volunteer “peer buddy” positions.

Volunteers must possess a genuine desire to assist children with special needs.  Compassion, patience, a willingness to learn are pre-requisites.

The primary duty of volunteers is to offer companionship. Every child with autism has an assigned staff member who is ultimately responsible for safety and wellbeing of the children with autism.

Volunteers may be called upon to assist with “chores” on a daily basis.

Volunteers are eligible to earn up to 30 community service hours per week at the discretion of the camp staff.

Volunteers must be available 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday of their assigned week.

Volunteers must submit a completed application and waiver prior to the posted deadline, attend a mandatory training session scheduled in early June, and be physically able to run, play with their camper. All volunteers must be competent swimmers. (Students who sustain injuries that prevent them from participating fully will have to forfeit their position.)

Students who are interested in helping, but are not able to make a week long commitment are invited to share their hobbies or talents as camp “activity guests”. In the past, students have shared cheerleading, dance, musical instruments, mime, soccer, football, and crafts.